Roman Reigns Teases The Rock For WWE SummerSlam, of course.


We talked about nepotism running rampant in the WWE for about a decade. Don’t really mind it till Roman Reigns came around. Vince is trying to get one out a million out a one of a hundred.

Does Roman Reigns suck? Not by no means. Good worker, some would say.

WWE loves that body size, no matter how many Kevin Owens get in, but “Belie-eve That”, this guy is getting a monster push because he is Dwayne Johnson’s cousin’s plumber who knew that guy who trained the Uso’s by marriage relative.

Let’s be honest, he isn’t ready yet.

But a future none the less, a Hollywood (VOD) future.

 Anyway there’s this:

During an interview with FOX SPORT Roman Reigns was discussing Summerslam and was asked whether The Rock would be at the event, he responded: “I wanna tell you, but I don’t want to give anything away.”

… a teaser maybe?, after all The Rock has been plastered all over the WrestleMania 32 production trucks, could he be about to set up his next big feud?

 via Wrestling News – Roman Reigns Teases Major Name For WWE SummerSlam 

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